A Stamford man was charged with possession and sale of marijuana in Woodland Park on Sept. 5. An officer patrolling the area after dusk saw a vehicle parked in the Woodland parking lot, prompting him to investigate.

He found three people sitting on a bench in the park and smelled marijuana in the air. When asked the group admitted to smoking at the park, but did not have any of the drug with them.

The officer then spoke with two people who had arrived in the parked car. A search of the outside of the vehicle by K9 Officer Argo alerted police to the presence of narcotics inside of the car. While searching the interior police found a bag containing marijuana, a quantity of cash, a scale, rubber bands, and empty plastic bags.

Based on the presence of those items police charged the driver, Oliva Jonathan, 21, with possession and sale of marijuana. He was released on a written promise to appear in court on Sept. 15.