Darien has had as many as 40 roads closed or partially closed due to storm damage, including downed trees and wires, First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said Thursday morning. The blocked roads were the reason schools were closed, she said.

Darien continues to have 754 Everysource customers or 9% without power, and though a challenge, it has faired better than its neighbors.  By comparison, Wilton has 2,953, or 33% customers out, Weston has 2,600 or 67% customers out, Redding has 2,412 or 65%, New Canaan has 2,967 or 35% out, and Ridgefield has 1,353 or 12%.

Stevenson said Town Hall will open at regular time today. Because school is out, she cautioned parents to check their properties for downed trees and wires before letting children go out and play in the snow.

"Be very mindful of any downed power lines or lines of any kind for that matter. Even phone or cable lines could be touching power lines. Stay away from any downed lines you see," she said.

Stay away from wires still have a lot trees very mindful of any downed powerless or any lines of any kind for that matter even phone or cable lines if they are touching a broken power lines. crossover stay any downed lines that you see

Stevenson also reminded residents that Darien is still in storm recovery road and that power outages should not be reported to the Darien Police Department. This was reiterated in an Instagram post by the Darien Police Wednesday evening.

"Power outages should be reported to Eversource and NOT the police department. 9-1-1 should be used only for true emergencies. Thank you for your cooperation," they said.

Stevenson said Eversource should always be the first call on power outages — they log them in and track them. The only time the police should be called is if there is a safety issue, and 911 is only for true emergencies. All other calls should be made to the regular station number at 203-662-5300.

The Depot is closed. Darien YMCA is open Thursday but Holly Pond School is not. The Darien Library is open at 10 a.m. Darien YWCA has canceled toddler time and says the office is open on a modified schedule. At Home in Darien is closed.

Metro-North is operating on a reduced schedule Thursday.