Officers arrested a Norwalk man for drunk driving on June 7 in response to a report of an erratic driver. A concerned citizen gave police the a description and license plate for an erratic driver near Post Road and Cross Street, leading to a motor vehicle stop just after 6:30 p.m.

Officers at the scene immediately detected the odor of alcohol coming from the driver, Kelvin Kostohryz, 62. Police said Kostohryz was difficult to understand due to slurred speech, and attempted to hand police multiple credit cards while searching for his driver’s license.

When asked if he had consumed any alcohol, Kostohryz claimed he had one martini with his lunch. Kostohryz was asked to step out of the vehicle for sobriety testing but was unsteady on his feet as he exited the vehicle. He failed to complete the tests to standard and was placed under arrest.

At headquarters, Kelvin was processed and submitted to breathalyzer testing. Just before 7:30 p.m. his blood alcohol content registered at .2137, and about 15 minutes later it registered at .1978. Kelvin was released on a $250 cash bond, and is due in court on June 18 in Stamford.