Darien police responded to a pair of active burglar alarms within the span of an hour on Dec. 22. The first alarm was triggered at a Delafield Island home at 7:30 p.m.. Officers arrived and found a rear door had been left ajar with two broken window panes and a rear window had been broken and forced open. A second rear door showed signs of damage on the window pane but remained intact.

The home was unoccupied when police arrived and the interior of the home appeared undisturbed. The detective bureau processed the scene and officers conducted a canvass of the area, but nothing was reported missing.

Police responded to another burglar alarm an hour later at a Shady Acres Road home, approximately three miles away from the Delafield Island scene. Officers once again found a broken window in the rear of the residence, but the window was still locked and did not appear to have been opened.

Officers checked the residence but did not find any other signs of damage and a security check of the inside did not show any signs of disturbance.