Police arrested a Flushing, New York woman for credit card fraud after People’s United Bank reported fraudulent activity on June 11. Police responded to the bank just after 11 a.m. after employees noticed a woman attempting to use suspected fraudulent cards at an ATM there.

Officers met with the woman at the scene and identified her as Gabriela Enache, 38. According to police the suspect appeared to be wearing a dark wig and sunglasses and would not answer questions about what she was doing at the bank or where she was coming from. Enache was allegedly holding an open wallet containing more than $1,500 in cash in $20 bills and a large amount of credit and gift cards.

Based on the evidence at the scene police contacted the Connecticut Financial Crimes Task Force and determined that the cards in Enache’s possession were fraudulently cloned. She was placed under arrest and charged with ten counts of credit card theft and unlawful completion of a credit card and five counts of illegal use of a credit card and receipt of money or goods through illegal use. She was held on $150,000 bond and appeared in court on June 12.