An 18-year-old Darien resident has been arrested on charges of operating a drug factory, sale of marijuana, possession of a hallucinogen and forgery following an investigation by the Darien Police Department. Several months ago police developed information that John “Jack” Read, 18, of Shady Acres Road was selling marijuana to local teens and others in the area on a regular basis.

Police served a search warrant on Read’s home on Jan. 29 and discovered marijuana, quantities of the hallucinogen LSD and materials used to manufacture THC oil mixtures for use with vaporizer devices. According to police Read was selling vaporizer devices and investigators also found $400 in counterfeit twenty-dollar bills. Police estimated the combined value of the contraband at the scene to be $6,500.

After the warrant was executed Read was located and placed under arrest for the charges above. He posted $50,000 bond and was released with a court date of Feb. 9 in Stamford. Police are continuing their investigation and no other information has been released as of yet.

In an effort to keep local parents informed, police have provided a picture of various types of vaporizing devices. These devices are intended to use vaporizing “juices” or oils, but can be altered to ingest oils laced with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. These devices are difficult to identify as they often look like USB drives and/or computer components.

It can also be difficult to detect their use as they don’t produce the smoke and odor associated with smoking of marijuana. The devices often give off the scent of the flavored oil when being used. Police are encouraging parents to educate themselves about vaporizers so as to be able to identify them and understand their uses. These are only a small sampling of what a vaporizing device can look like. If anyone has any questions in regards to the identification and use of vaporizing devices, please don’t hesitate to call the Darien Police for assistance. We are here to support parents prior to an issue rising to the level of a law enforcement incident.