Police: Darien man interrupts home garage burglary in progress on Pleasant Street

A Darien man reacting to a loud noise in his garage confronted an apparent burglar during the evening of Feb. 21. The 45-year-old resident told police he heard sounds coming from his garage as he sat in his living room on Pleasant Street at about 10:30 p.m.

When he entered the garage he noticed the overhead light of his wife’s car was open, and more noises were coming from the driver’s seat. He yelled at the apparent intruder and went back into the home, locking the door to the garage behind him.

Officers arriving at the scene determined that the garage window had been opened from the outside and the screen was detached. The intruder had apparently entered and exited through the window and attempted to take a bike with him but could only get the frame halfway out.

The man reported $50 in cash and an EZPass missing from the vehicle. Another abandoned bicycle was found near Post Road and Hollow Tree Ridge Road and brought back to police headquarters following a neighborhood canvass.