A Norwalk man hired to plow snow outside of the Darien Fire Department was charged with breach of peace after damaging a guard rail and creating a disturbance in the department’s lot.

A complainant told police that Gregory Twardy, 49, had plowed the rear lot of the Darien Fire Department earlier in the day and returned several hours later, beeping his horn.

The complainant said Twardy used his plow to destroy a wooden guard rail that is occasionally used as a bench by the fire department. He then lifted his plow and dangled it from chains over the complainant’s vehicle. The complainant left the firehouse to confront Twardy who allegedly said “I thought that would get your attention,” and left the scene with no further incident.

Though fire department officials said they did not want to press charges for the damaged property, police spoke to Twardy at his home in Norwalk. He said the complainant had requested that he plow the lot and he did realize he had damaged any property. When asked about raising the plow over the complainant’s car he said “she knows me” and that he had done it as a joke.

Twardy was then issued a misdemeanor summons for breach of peace and is due in court on Jan. 16.