Police arrested a Norwalk woman for DUI after a report of an erratic driver led them  to her disabled vehicle during the afternoon of Sept. 26. Officers found the car pulled to the side of the road near the intersection of Hoyt Street and Phillips Lane at about 1 p.m.

The car had suffered significant damage to the front tire on the passenger’s side, leaving the car inoperable. According to police the driver, Eleanor Behringer, 59, was unable to recall how the vehicle was damaged. A witness said Behringer had been swerving heavily along the road and struck the curb several times.

Behringer appeared unsteady on her feet was unable to complete field sobriety tests to standard. She was placed under arrest and transported to Darien Police Department, but a breath test did not find any alcohol in her system. A urine test was administered and police are awaiting results from a state laboratory. Behringer posted a $500 bond and was given a court date of October 6.