A Norwalk man was charged with harassment and stalking an ex-girlfriend on June 7. The victim contacted police from a friend’s home after midnight, explaining that she had been attempting to end her relationship with Allan Bogardus, 58, since Memorial Day. However he continued to come to her house uninvited and the victim told police they had also received dozens of unwanted text messages and phone calls from Bogardus. On June 5, Bogardus had allegedly slept on the victim’s porch, uninvited, and texted them 20 times. Upon arriving home on June 7 after an evening in New York City, the victim saw Bogardus’s car in her driveway, making her feel unsafe.

The victim showed officers their phone revealing they received about 400 text messages and 75 phone calls from Bogardus. Police described many of the texts as verbally abusive.

Police located Bogardus’ vehicle in a wooded area near the victim’s residence, but Bogardus was not inside. While searching, officers with the victim informed officers searching for Bogardus that Bogardus had texted the victim informing them he was walking home, presumably due to his seeing officers near his vehicle. Officers located Bogardus approximately about a quarter mile from the victim’s home.

Bogardus confirmed that he and the victim had been in a dating relationship for the past 2 years. Bogardus was unsure as to why the victim would have called police and denied any wrongdoing on his part. Police said Bogardus answered questions in an evasive manner, stating he called and texted the victim approximately 30 times to find out where they were. When asked to confirm his claim by showing officers his phone, Bogardus declined. Bogardus did state that he often parks near the victim’s home, sleeps on the porch, and throws small rocks at the victim’s bedroom window to alert them to his presence.

Based on the investigation, Bogardus was placed under arrest for harassment and stalking. He was processed and released on a $1,500 bond, and was due in court on June 7 in Stamford.