A North Carolina man was arrested and charged with possession of narcotics following a motor vehicle stop on July 22. An officer stopped a vehicle traveling along Post Road after a check of the vehicle’s license plate showed that it belonged to a different car. The vehicle was stopped in the parking lot of a gas station and the officer met with the the driver and a passenger.

The driver was identified Erick Locklear, 37, of Maxton, North Carolina and he was accompanied by Steven Oxendine, of Rowland, North Carolina. Locklear told police the car belonged to his girlfriend. While speaking to Locklear the officer noticed a bottle with a number of pills and a scratched off label in the back seat.

K9 Kenny was walked around the vehicle to conduct a free-air sniff, and alerted officers to the presence of narcotics, leading to a search. Several pills and a straw with white powder residue were found, as well as a glass-pipe with marijuana residue on it.

When asked about the pills Oxendine claimed they belonged to him, but was unable to produce any prescriptions. No one took ownership of the red straw, the residue on which would later test positive for heroin. Based on the findings, Oxendine and Locklear were placed under arrest.

Police identified four different medications in the car including oxycodone and clonazepam. Locklear was charged with motor vehicle offenses including improper use of a license plate. Oxendine was charged with illegal storage and possession of narcotics. Locklear was released on $150 bond with a court date of Aug. 1, while Oxendine was held and taken to court on July 24.