Recently retired Darien Police Chief Duane Lovello has taken a position at the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, he confirmed to The Darien Times this week. Lovello is welcomed by former Town of Darien Administrator Karl Kilduff, who took the job of an executive director of CHFA two years ago after working Darien for eight years.

Lovello retired from the Darien Police Department on Feb. 15 after a three-decade career.  He told The Darien Times he serves as manager of multifamily portfolio security.

"I saw the job posted on the CHFA website some time ago and applied.  Given that I just started, I don’t have much to report insofar as what I’ve been doing here as I’m still getting acclimated to the position and expectations," he said.

As far as Kilduff, Lovello said he enjoyed working with him during his time in Darien "so that’s a positive thing in my new position."

• Town administrator chosen as new executive director of CHFA

Kilduff said as part of his efforts to build on the impact of CHFA’s financing and developments, "we are working on a number of fronts to enhance our asset management of properties to address resident engagement, services and security."

"The position Duane applied for addresses the latter and will help build bridges at the local level and with local police departments," he said in an email to The Darien Times.

"We are very lucky to have someone of Duane’s caliber. Your story covering his departure and the impact he had in Darien speaks to his qualifications to work in this new capacity," Kilduff said.

"I expect a lot from this position and Duane, given his background, will be able to deliver on those expectations," he said.

Former Darien three-term First Selectman Evonne Klein is head of the state's Department of Housing, which works closely with CHFA. The staff at CHFA states their mission on their website as alleviating the shortage of housing for low- and moderate-income families and persons throughout Connecticut. CHFA is responsible for offering tax credits to make affordable housing developments in Darien such as The Heights, and the possible renovation of Old Town Hall Homes possible.