A New Canaan man was charged with driving under the influence after running a stop sign near the I-95 exit ramp on Tokeneke Road. An officer on patrol of the area on May 20 saw a van turn left through a stop sign on Tokeneke, leading to a traffic stop.

The driver was identified as Alexander Hartley, 23, of New Canaan. He told the officer he did not see the stop sign on Tokeneke Road and allegedly displayed signs of intoxication. The officer said Hartley struggled to focus as he spoke and his eyes were glassy and red. Hartley said he was coming from the Stamford Yacht Club and had not had any alcohol.

He went onto say his home was “right around the corner, on Strawberry Lane,” and when asked by police if he knew what town he was in, he replied New Canaan, and the officer who stopped him was from Norwalk. Hartley was then asked to submit to field sobriety tests, at which point he became argumentative.

He failed to complete two of three tests properly while asking why he was being asked to perform them in the first place. Police said Hartley demanded officers contact his father and attorney throughout the process, and refused to complete the final test.

Based on his performance he was placed under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Hartley was released on $500 bond and is due in court June 1.