A man contacted Darien police on May 10 after receiving $2,500 in counterfeit cash during a Craigslist exchange. The victim had placed a high-end camera for sale on the online classifieds website on May 7 and received a text message from someone interested in purchasing the camera. The purchaser said he would come from Long Island to pick the camera up from the Starbucks on Post Road in Darien on May 10.

The victim met with the buyer  just before 5 p.m. He described the purchaser as a Hispanic male with a thin mustache and black bun haircut, wearing khakis and a white button-down shirt, standing on the sidewalk holding a red and black duffle bag. They sat down inside with the camera and the victim noticed that the buyer did not seem to be familiar with the device. When asked, the man said the camera was intended to be a gift for his father.

The man placed the camera inside of his bag and pulled out a number of bills, counting out $2,500 in cash to give to the complainant. The man then left the Starbucks, but the victim noticed that one of the $100 bills did not have the standard watermark when held up to a light. He attempted to text the buyer multiple times but received no response, prompting him to call the police.