A 63-year-old Darien man was charged with breach of peace, criminal mischief and criminal trespassing following an incident at the Noroton Heights Shopping Center on June 26.

Police were dispatched to Palmer’s Market at about 7 p.m. on the report of a man yelling at a female customer. Based on the complainant’s description of the man, police identified the suspect as Robert Houseworth. According to police Houseworth has been involved in several similar incidents.

Officers were not immediately able to find Houseworth at the location at the scene but found him at the local post office during a search of the area. Houseworth was tearing up his own mail and had damaged his own PO box. When he saw police arriving to the scene Houseworth allegedly began yelling obscenities and shouting in a nonsensical manner, referring to the officers as “New York.”

At one point Houseworth allegedly exposed his genitals to the officers asking, “do you see a zipper or a belt?” Police asked Houseworth why he had yelled at the woman at Palmer’s to which he replied “I just wanted her to be safe.” Houseworth then told police he had been sleeping in a vestibule at the post office for years. He was subsequently arrested for the above charges.

The victim at Palmer’s told police Houseworth had approached her and asked if he “knew about the girl who was a downhill skier.” He then began yelling obscenities, at which point she tried to walk away. Houseworth began following her to the entrance of Palmer’s and told her she was going to follow her inside and see what she had in her purse. The victim then screamed and ran inside the store. She told police Houseworth had continued to follow her and was lunging at her when the police were called.

She identified Houseworth after the arrest and he was transported to police headquarters. Police said Houseworth had been warned on two prior occasions not to enter the post office except for official business. He was held on $500 bond and transported to Stamford Superior Court the next morning.