A Stamford man was charged with breach of peace, larceny and driving under the influence after an encounter with his ex-girlfriend and another man at the Darien train station on June 12.

Officers responded to the train station just before 4 p.m. on a report of a physical altercation. A victim at the scene said he had come to Darien to return the license of a woman he had spent the prior evening with. While walking with her, he was confronted by Michael Craft, the woman’s ex-boyfriend.

According to the victim, Craft struck him in the head and knocked his glasses off. He then took the glasses and left the scene in his car. The woman corroborated the victim’s story. Police were able to locate Craft and question him about the incident. He told police he had been defending himself and accidently hit the victim during a scuffle, then took his glasses.

While speaking to Craft officers detected the odor of alcohol and asked him to submit to field sobriety tests. He was unable to complete them to standard and allegedly admitted to drinking at lunch prior to the incident. Craft was subsequently arrested for the above charges and taken to police headquarters.

A breathalyzer test showed blood alcohol levels of .1182 and .1083. Craft was released on $180 cash bond and is due in court June 22.