Police arrested a 27-year-old man for criminal trespassing after he claimed was being evicted “without due process.” According to police, Khalile Thomas had been allowed to stay with a Darien resident for at least a month but was asked to leave the home due to constant arguing.

The victim told police that she had originally told Thomas he could stay with her for two weeks, but asked him to leave after the first week. He was allowed to stay for longer until he was again told that he would need to move out on Aug. 24. Thomas left the home and was gone for a week before returning on Sept. 1. The victim denied him entry to the home, but the following day when she returned home, he was inside sleeping.

The victim told police she had not given Thomas a key and didn’t know how he got access to the home. Thomas said he had gotten in through an unlocked rear door. He told police that until he finds employment and can afford rent elsewhere, he has nowhere else to stay. However, the victim said Thomas had routinely shown up uninvited and the police had been contacted in the past to remove him from the home.

Based on the police investigation, Thomas was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters. He was processed for criminal trespassing and was due in court on Sept. 4.