Police arrested a Stamford man for possession of narcotics and DUI on Aug. 13. An officer patrolling Hoyt Street at 2 a.m. saw a car swerve over the double-yellow marker while traveling North, leading to a traffic stop.

The driver, identified as Giovani Gilmar Medina-Flores, 32, allegedly admitted to having drinks earlier in the evening and the officer noticed signs of intoxication. Medina-Flores submitted to field sobriety tests but as unable to complete them to standard. He was placed under arrest for DUI and during a search of his car a small bag of cocaine was found underneath the driver’s seat.

A breath test showed a blood alcohol content of .1117 for Medina-Flores at 2:59 a.m. He was released on $369 bond and is due in court on August 25.