An officer patrolling near Woodland Park referred a Darien teen to the youth division after catching him with marijuana paraphernalia in the park after hours. The officer saw a car parked at the entrance of the park at about 10:30 p.m., well after closing time.

As the officer approached the car he saw a single person exit the driver’s door and run into the woods nearby. The officer did not find any additional passengers in the car but found a herbal grinder containing marijuana and a pack of rolling papers inside.

The officer then contacted the registered owner of the vehicle, who identified themselves as the driver’s parent. The parent contacted their son via cell phone and had him return to the scene to speak with the officers. A further search of the car uncovered a small smoking pipe and two electronic cigarette devices.

The driver was released to the custody of his parents and the case was deferred to the police department’s youth division.