A 45-year-old Darien resident contacted police after she fell victim to an IRS phone scam and purchased $5,800 in Apple gift cards. The woman received a call during the morning of June 22 from a person claiming to be an IRS tax collector. The individual claimed that if she did not pay the IRS by noon, her husband would be subject to arrest. The victim was instructed to withdraw $5,800 from the bank, then go to an Apple store and purchase Apple gift cards.  The victim did so and then provided the caller with the gift card numbers. She then inquired further through a different Apple store and found that the funds from the cards had already been accessed and the cards now had a zero balance.

An investigation into the scam is ongoing. The Darien Police Department again extends its warning that the Internal Revenue Service, local, state or federal law enforcement agencies, or any other legitimate governmental agency will never ask for anyone to purchase gifts cards, prepaid debit cards, Western Union transactions and similar methods to settle any type of debt. The fact that someone threatens over the phone to “arrest a loved one” or “put someone in jail” due to a purported debt should always be a red flag.