Darien police arrested a 27-year-old Greenwich woman on May 13 after she allegedly attempted to empty a man’s bank account at a local Wells Fargo bank. According to police Yessenta Perez told bank employees she had been granted power of attorney over her step-father’s accounts and wanted to withdraw the balance of more than $200,000 in cash.

Though the woman attempted to provide supporting information, the bank’s legal department denied her request multiple times. They notified police of Perez’s attempt to empty the account and officers contacted the account holder later that day.

In a written statement the account holder claimed he had met Perez two weeks prior at a Best Value Inn in Stamford where he was living. He told police she had gotten into a fight with her roommate and he had allowed her to stay with him for the past two weeks. Furthermore, he told police he is in poor health and did not give Perez any authority over his personal affairs, including his bank accounts.

Police were granted an arrest warrant for Perez and served it at a different Stamford inn, the America’s Best Inn. She was taken into custody without incident and released on a promise to appear in court on May 30.