Four members of a Darien family were arrested on charges ranging from assault to breach of peace after a domestic dispute came to blows during the evening of June 30. Police were first dispatched to the pier at Noroton Bay on a report of a young man screaming obscenities and throwing things. Officers found the person in question sitting on a cooler behind the concession stand on the pier and eventually identified him as Charles Daley, 18.

According to police Charles was visibly upset and admitted to yelling at the end of the pier. He initially refused to give his name and home address and officers noticed a bloody scrape across the knuckles of his left hand. When asked about it, Charles stated he was angry and punched a rock.

As he spoke, Charles became increasingly agitated and was yelling obscenities at the officers. He ultimately referenced an argument that occurred earlier in the evening at their residence as the reason for his outbursts. During the course of this argument Charles admitted he struck the victim in the face, after which he walked out of the house and to the pier. While speaking with Charles, officers noted his speech was extremely slurred and the odor of alcoholic beverage was emanating from his person.

Charles continued to be verbally combative with officers as they attempted to gain more information about the assault, as there was a victim. After several attempts to investigate the assault by getting information from Charles, he was placed under arrest. Post 53 was called to the scene to evaluate the injury to Charles’ hand. Charles refused further medical attention at the scene.

An officer then went to the home of original complainant, who said they saw Charles break an Adirondack-style chair that had been on the pier. The officer checked the pier and found the damaged chair.

Once at headquarters, Charles identified himself and gave his home address as being on Waverly Road. While being held in the booking area, Charles intentionally urinated on the floor. Officers went to his home in an attempt to make contact with the victim of Charles’ earlier punch.

At the Daley home, they spoke to Christopher Daley, 49, to discuss Charles’ altercation with another person in the home. According to police both Christpher and the victim showed signs of intoxication. The victim said he had been drinking with Charles on the Noroton Bay Pier and Charles struck him in the face and knocked him unconscious. Later while speaking with officers, the victim changed their story, stating they had never been struck by Charles.

Christopher stated he would watch over the victim  for the evening. While walking back to their patrol vehicles, officers heard a commotion coming from the area where Christopher and the original victim had been. Upon returning to the area, officers observed John Daley, 21, and a juvenile suspect actively assaulting Christopher. John and the juvenile suspect were repeatedly striking Christopher in the back of the head. Officers were able to separate the three parties.

Christopher Daley stated that when officers were departing, he was escorting the original victim back into the residence, an argument ensued, and he struck the victim in the face with an open hand. In response to this, the victim and the juvenile suspect began attacking him.

At 2:30 a.m., Charles was transported to the hospital by Post 53 for further evaluation of his hand. He was treated and returned to the Police Department. Charles and John Daley were both charged with assault, interfering with an officer and breach of peace and released after posting $2,500 bond. Christopher was issued a misdemeanor summons for breach of peace for his part in the altercation. The juvenile received a juvenile court summons as well. The Daley family members were all given a court date of July 2.