Officers were called to the Darien Transfer Station Wednesday morning, Sept. 26, after a physical altercation between a town employee and a patron. While responding, officers were advised that the suspect had departed the scene in a silver sedan but a license plate was given which belonged on a car registered to a Stamford resident.

A town employee told police that around 11:10 a.m. the car attempted to drive under the gate-arm to the transfer station behind the vehicle in front of it, without checking in. The employee noted the vehicle was not displaying a valid sticker needed to access the transfer station. When the gate closed, the silver sedan was struck on the roof by the closing arm.

The suspect got out of the car and began to yell at the employee, then reached into the booth where the town employee was sitting, and began to pull at the employee’s shirt while continuing to yell.

The employee responded by pushing the suspect back and closing the window to the booth, police said. At this time the suspect entered his vehicle and departed.

No injuries were reported by the town employee.

Darien Police contacted the registered owner of the vehicle, David Pang of 53 Valley Road in Stamford, who told officers he was under the impression no sticker was needed to use the transfer station. Pang reportedly told police he believed the employee intentionally closed the gate on his vehicle as he attempted to enter. Pang exited his vehicle to confront the employee, and admitted to pulling on his shirt.

Superficial marks on the roof of Pang’s vehicle were observed, police said.

Pang was issued a misdemeanor summons for breach of peace and released on a written promise to appear Oct. 5. He is also forbidden from returning to the Darien Transfer Station.