For years, Darien has been served by Post 53 as a primary form of emergency response. Many students and community members considered it a badge of honor to join the ranks of the “posties.” The list of alumni of the program is extensive, and many continue to give back to the program and around Darien.

Recently, Darien brought their own paramedics to town, and those paramedics and EMS technicians have worked tirelessly to serve the community. Now, one of those paramedics is facing a health crisis of his own, and Darien is stepping up to give back.

Bob Kohler is married and a father of two. One of his children is a college sophomore, the other a junior in high school. He’s been with Stamford EMS since 2005, and now serves the town of Darien alongside members of Post 53. Kohler is one of the original medics to serve Darien when the paramedic program was adopted in 2015.

Kohler recently had routine bloodwork done after an accident, and the results were anything but routine. Kohler was diagnosed with Stage Four Mantle Cell Lymphoma, an incurable blood and lymph cancer that affects only 6% of all lymphoma patients. The disease is rare and Kohler has begun aggressive chemotherapy treatment, and still has been given about a 60% chance for survival. Successful treatment and chemotherapy could mean years of living with the cancer in remission. The treatment itself takes an enormous toll on Kohler’s health, rendering him unable to serve the community as he worked for tirelessly for over 10 years.

Now, friends of the Kohler family are aiming to have to town help him. As taxing as the treatment is physically and emotionally, the costs are astronomical, and insurance does not cover all the procedures that are nothing short of life sustaining. A GoFundMe page has been started to help the family deal with the challenges and costs of treatment. In just over one month, $28,000 has been raised, with donations coming from friends, loved ones, and members of the EMS community. The page can by found by going to

There is also an event coming in late March that will benefit the Kohler family. Zody’s 19th Hole in Stamford will host a night for Kohler Family on March 27 at 7 p.m.. There will be a 50/50 raffle, other raffle prizes, and of course food and drink. Tickets are on sale for $40, and can be obtained by calling Robb Hackett at 203-923-3113 or John Iossa at 203-524-4441.

Kohler has family living here in Darien. He has answered the call for the most critical health crises that affect the community, and now his close circle is hoping Darien can answer the call for his health crisis.