After a fairly uneventful winter, Darien and the surrounding area have been pummeled with storm after storm over the last few weeks.

It began Friday, March 2, with high winds knocking down trees as the first winter nor’easter  closed school early.

The problems continued throughout the day, with wire fires and trees down blocking roads.

The town had barely recovered all power by last Wednesday when dense snow storm closed school for two days, and knocked down trees and wires yet again.

Throughout the week, residents no doubt were frustrated with waiting for power to be restored. In the meantime, Darien’s first responders, town officials and employees quietly went about their business, working tirelessly to keep order, keep roads clear, and keep residents safe.

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson and the Department of Public Works work to prepare in advance for the storm and then working tirelessly to restore the town’s power, safety and travel. Stevenson remains in touch with the town’s service providers to make sure Darien residents remain a priority.

The town’s emergency responders continue to be called on every few minutes after storms like the first two nor’easters, for days.

That includes responding to floods, motor vehicle accidents, downed trees and burning wires. These events cause fires close to houses as well. The Darien Police Department, and the Noroton, Noroton Heights and Darien Fire Departments, as well as Post 53, work non-stop to ensure residents’ safety throughout the storm and its aftermath — often unrealized by residents.

It is what doesn’t happen, and what is prevented, versus what does, that is a testament to those working for the town during these events.

Darien is fortunate to have dedicated town officials, employees and emergency responders to usher its residents through difficult winter storms.

It’s a reminder to be grateful, and say thank you.