Police arrested a Darien woman for her role in a domestic dispute on Aug. 6. According to police, the accused struck a family member with a curtain rod and engaged in a pushing match following an argument.

Emperatriz Macias, 42, had left for a weekend trip and had asked a family member to clean up the house which she was away. Upon her return, the house was in worse condition than when she left. Macias confronted the family member and told this person again to clean the house, but the family member refused.

Macias then went into the family member’s room while this person was getting dressed, and the family member attempted to push her out of the room. Marcias allegedly struck the victim with a curtain rod and took this person’s phone. Marcias then threw the phone against a wall to break it. Officers at the scene spoke to a third member of the family who confirmed the altercation.

Based on statements given and evidence on scene, police determined that Macias was the primary aggressor. She was then issued a summons for disorderly conduct and released on a promise to appear in court on Aug. 7 in Stamford.