A concerned driver contacted police on July 10 to report an erratic driver in the area of Mansfield Avenue near St. Paul’s Church. The complainant told police that the driver was swerving in and out of the proper lane and had pulled over on the side of the road. Police arrived at the scene at about 2:45 p.m. and spoke with the driver in question.

He was identified as Glenn Gruttadauria, 52, of Derby. He told police he was on his way to visit an ex-girlfriend in Bridgeport. When asked if he knew what town he was in Gruttadauria said “I need to get back to the Merritt,” and then told the officer he was headed to Trumbull Mall to get his phone fixed. The officer at the scene detected signs of intoxication and Gruttadauria allegedly admitted to drinking “a couple of beers.”

Gruttadauria was asked to submit to field sobriety testing but was unable to complete them to standard. He was placed under arrest and a search of the vehicle produced several empty bottles of vodka and an unopened can of beer. His vehicle was towed from the scene and he was released on a promise to appear after his $250 bond was waived. Gruttadauria is due in court on July 24 in Stamford.