A 37-year-old Darien woman was arrested for disorderly conduct and assault following a pair of domestic incidents. The victim contacted police on March 10 to report that he had been scratched multiple times on his face and neck by Adaobi Kurylov at the home they once shared.

According to police Kurylov had moved out several weeks ago and filed for divorce. The victim allowed her into the residence several times to gather belongings. The victim informed officers that they were advised by their attorney to change the locks as Kurylov had moved out prior to filing for divorce, and that they planned to do so on March 12.

The victim told police he had walked Kurylov to the door after she gathered some of her things, but she immediately returned and stated that she had forgotten something. The victim allowed her back in for a few minutes and she was upset as she left a second time. She then said she forgot something else in the home and attempted to enter the home for the third time, but was blocked by the victim, who told her to leave.

At this point, Kurylov attempted to force her way into the home. When the victim continued to block the door, Kurylov scratched his face with her nails. The officers who met the victim at the residence observed cuts on his lips, a red mark next to his eye, and a scratch on his neck. Footage from cameras on the exterior of the residence was reviewed and substantiated the claims made by the victim.

The victim told officers that they feared for their safety, explaining how Kurylov assaulted them with a large kitchen knife a few months prior. When Kurylov swung the knife at them, the victim was able to move, and the knife entered the wall where the victim had been standing. As a result, the tip of the knife broke off. The knife in question was located and seized.

Officers attempted to make contact with Kurylov at her new residence, but were unsuccessful. An arrest warrant for disorderly conduct and assault was sought, and granted. Several more attempts to locate Kurylov and serve the warrant were unsuccessful.

On March 13, the victim contacted police to report that Kurylov had returned to the property. The victim stated that Kurylov had ringed the doorbell of the residence and they immediately contacted the police. No interaction between the two took place. Upon the officers’ arrival, Kurylov was found sitting in her vehicle outside the victim’s residence and placed under arrest.

Kurylov was transported to headquarters where she was processed and held on $50,000 bond. Kurylov was transported to court the following day.