Darien victim loses $21,000 in phone scam

A phone scam led a 67-year-old Darien man to purchase approximately $21,000 in iTunes gift cards between March 28 and April 5. According to police the victim received a phone call on March 28 informing him that he had been selected to receive a joint grant from the U.S. and U.K. governments in the amount of $7,900.

The caller said the man needed to pay fees in order to have the money transferred to him. He was asked to purchase about $21,000 worth of iTunes gift cards and provide the serial numbers to the caller, which he did over the course of a week.

According to police the caller was described as having an Indian accent and used the names Andrew Lissel and Mark Cooper. The Darien Police Department strongly cautions all residents to be extremely wary of any phone solicitation from anyone claiming to be a representative of any U.S. or foreign government, of anyone asking for any payment of “fees” via gift cards or through wire transfer requests of any type. If unsolicited requests or offers of this type are received via phone or via the Internet, they are, without a doubt, a scam operation.