A Stamford man was arrested for possession of marijuana and cocaine while driving an unregistered vehicle in Darien on May 31. An officer patrolling Post Road near Richmond Drive saw a truck traveling west with a cracked windshield at about 5:45 p.m. and conducted a traffic stop.

The driver was identified as Christopher Wasicki, 29. Wasicki showed police an expired registration for the vehicle and his driver’s license had been previously suspended. Police informed him that the truck would be towed due to a lack of insurance and they would be conducting an inventory of the vehicle before it was moved. Wasicki admitted to having several small clips of marijuana in the truck, which police found in a glass jar. They also discovered a plastic straw with a powdery substance that later tested positive for cocaine. Wasicki allegedly told police, “that was from when I used to party.”

He was charged for possession of both drugs, failure to insure a motor vehicle, operating an unregistered vehicle and driving with a suspended license. Wasicki was released on $500 bond with a court date of June 14.