Editor's note: The Darien Times' Darien High School interns were recently given a spin on the Darien Police's marine division boat for this story. We are grateful to the Darien Police Department for taking the time to give them this opportunity. 

The Darien Police newer police is set to begin it’s third summer of patrol in the Long Island Sound. The boat will be manned by Officer Derek Mulcahy, a member of the marine division at the Darien Police Department, along with Officer Mauricio Virgil. The boat’s top speed is 50 knots (60 MPH), and was built in Washington state by SAFE (Secure All-around Flotation Equipped) Boats International. As a test for the boat’s speed, Mulcahy said that it only took him seven minutes to get to Long Island from the Darien coast.

The new boat, at a cost of approximately $300,000, was  trailered back from Seattle in the spring of 2016..

It replaced the previous police boat, a 10-year-old Glacier Bay, double hull, catamaran-style boat,  a former leisure vessel that was retrofitted to serve as a police and rescue boat.

• Slideshow, video: Darien Police Marine Division welcomes new police boat

The boat is long and narrow and sports a lot of equipment that is derived from the Coast Guard model. It is designed for speed and practically glides across the water. It’s primary focus is to be able to keep up with any other boats. Officer Mulcahy when describing the boat said, “The boat is practically unsinkable. It’s turning radius is huge.”

The outer shell of the boat is built to withstand bullets.

One of the most notable features of the boat is its ability to make extremely tight turns without flipping over while still traveling at its top speed. It is built with two eight foot long wings that catch water and balance the boat out. Officer Mulcahy compared the boat to a jet ski because of its ability to stop on a dime and pivot in other directions, making the vessel a very capable protector of Darien waters.

The boat is furnished with top tier equipment including a FLIR night camera, Seafloor mapping software, dual fish cameras, and a generator.

The primary use of the boat is for protecting the security of Darien waters by ensuring that proper safety guidelines are followed, be it over capacity of passengers on vessels, reckless driving, or lack of life jackets.

The boat looks to have another successful summer manning the sound led by Officer Mulcahy, Officer Virgil, and the rest of the Darien Police Department’s Marine Division.