A Darien resident contacted police on July 26 after multiple fraudulent checks and withdrawals were reported against his trust account. The victim told police withdrawals in the amounts of $2,500 and $5,000 had been made without his permission during the prior week, leading him to contact his bank and have the funds replaced.

The bank informed the victim that the withdrawals had been made in Florida but could not provide any other information. On July 13 there was also an attempt to cash a check for more than $24,000 from the account. According to police that check was made out to Connecticut resident, but the bank flagged the check and blocked the transaction.

Three more attempts to use fraudulent checks were caught by the bank for similar amounts but were stopped in each instance. The bank was not able to provide the exact location of the attempted transactions but has been in regular contact with the victim to ensure that no fraudulent checks are cashed from the account. The police investigation into the fraud attempts is still ongoing.