On Feb. 28, a complainant told Darien police they had been defrauded by a company called Al Manahil Trading Equipment for $90,000.

The complainant’s business received an online order on Feb. 14 for a total of $27,500 in product. On Feb. 26, the complainant received an email from someone identifying themselves as “Abdul Ali” purporting to be with Al Manahil Trading Equipment.

Ali informed the complainant that he accidentally wired her $118,440 instead of the $27,500, and requested a wire return for the overage in the amount of $90, 895.

On Feb. 27 the complainant went to her banking institution to wire the money as requested by Ali. She checked her account and it appeared that the overpayment had been made to her account as outlined by Ali. The $90,895 was wired to “Khaleel Ur Rahman Abdul Khalaque” at Emirates bank in Dubai.

On Feb. 28 the complainants banking institution notified her that the original wire in the amount of $118,440 had bounced. An investigation is ongoing.