Darien police arrested a 60-year-old Oak Crest resident for disorderly conduct and interfering with an emergency call following a domestic dispute on March 5.

Police responded to a report of an altercation at the home and identified the alleged aggressor as Jonathan Bauer. According to police, a woman at the residence and Bauer had an ongoing argument that escalated during the day. The alleged victim described Bauer as a hoarder and said she had driven one of Bauer’s vehicles from her house to another location because she did not want it at her home any longer.

Police said Bauer became upset and later went to the woman’s place of work to retrieve the keys and move the vehicle back. She told police their disagreement continued when she returned home due to Bauer’s inability to keep the home clean. When she attempted to pick up Bauer’s clothing, he allegedly began throwing the items at the victim in an aggressive manner.

When the woman threatened to call the police, Bauer allegedly grabbed her arms in an attempt to keep her from doing so, police said. She eventually pulled away, according to police, leaving a bruise on her arm, and left the home to call 911.

Speaking to police, Bauer admitted to the altercation over the clothing and grabbing the woman. He also told police he was concerned because the woman had consumed alcohol and was threatening to leave the home in a vehicle.

During a check of his criminal history police discovered Bauer also had an outstanding warrant for a different domestic violence incident in 2016.

He was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct and interfering with an emergency call. Bauer was released on $500 bond and was due in court on March 6.