Two unlocked cars stolen overnight

On March 12, two Darien residents reported that their cars had been stolen from their driveways overnight; both cars had been left unlocked with the keys inside the vehicle. One resident of Sunnyside Avenue told police he had parked at about 10 p.m. with his keys inside the unlocked car. A Denehurst Place resident had one car stolen from the driveway and another rummaged through.

One resident near Sunnyside Lane heard someone getting into a vehicle and tires screeching at about 2:30 a.m. The two thefts occurred within a half mile of each other. The investigation is ongoing but police advise residents to lock their cars wherever they park.

• Editorial —Dear Darien — a thank you note to residents who leave cars unlocked from your local would-be burglars

Police investigate six unlocked car burglaries

Five car burglaries were reported to police on the morning of March 12, resulting in more than $600 in cash being stolen. A resident of Allen O’Neil Drive told police about $600 was taken from her center console overnight, and she wasn’t sure if her vehicle had been locked. There were no signs of forced entry.

A Sunset Drive resident left his car unlocked overnight and discovered that $30 in cash was missing from his center console the next morning. A Fairfield Avenue resident told police her car had been entered while parked in her open garage but nothing was taken. A Lake Drive resident reported that her center console had been searched as well. Police conducted a canvass of the area and are continuing their investigation.

Another burglary believed to have taken place in February was reported on March 11. A Herman Avenue resident reported that some loose change and a phone charger was taken from the car. The victim’s brother found the vehicle’s contents in disarray on Feb. 16 but the victim had been out of the country since Feb. 9 and did not report the crime.