Two former employees have been arrested for burglarizing Embody Fitness and stealing more than $1,500  from the register over the course of two months. Management at Embody Fitness reported the burglaries to Darien police on Feb. 26 when morning cash counts failed to match the evening prior on consecutive days. The first time was thought to be employee error, but when cash went missing a second time management reviewed security camera footage from the overnight hours.

On the video, an individual could be seen entering the store with a key and taking money out of the cash register at about 7:30 p.m. the evening prior. Management stated that they had noticed discrepancies in the cash count since January, but had always believed it to be an employee error.

Through investigative efforts in conjunction with the New Canaan Police Department, detectives from both agencies were able to develop two suspects in regards to burglaries at Embody Fitness stores in both jurisdictions. Samuel Marrero, 24, and Osvaldo Acuna, 21, both former employees of Embody Fitness, were found to have burglarized the Darien business on several separate occasions in January and February of 2018.

Marrero was connected to three of the burglaries, while Acuna was connected to five of the burglaries. In each incident the suspects used a key to enter the store and remove cash from the register. In working with Embody Fitness management, it was determined that the proceeds from the five burglaries totaled between $1,500 and $1,600. Arrest warrants for the two suspects were submitted and granted.

On April 24 Marrero turned himself in after being advised of the active warrant. He was held on a court set bond of $75,000 and transported to court the same day. Acuna turned himself on April 27. He was also held on a court set bond of $75,000 and transported to court the day he was arrested