A Stamford man was arrested after presenting a fake New York driver’s license to police while driving a car with an incorrect license plate on Aug. 17. An officer patrolling Post Road saw a car for travelling without a front license plate at about 4:15 p.m. A records check on the car’s rear plate showed it belonged to a different vehicle, leading to a traffic stop.

The driver admitted to using the wrong plate, telling police the car belonged to a friend. He provided a New York driver’s license with the name Eddy Moreno. Officers told the man that the license clearly looked fake and appeared to have been glued together. The driver maintained that the license was legitimate.

When they scanned the barcode on the license it belonged to a New York license with a different name. The driver was then arrested for the fraudulent license, criminal impersonation, failure to insure a motor vehicle and improper use of a license plate.

While being booked at Darien Police Headquarters the man admitted to buying the fake license in New York City for $150 and identified himself Elder Gonzalez, 39. He was released on $500 bond with a court date of Aug. 28.