Two Darien parents were charged with failure to prevent possession of alcohol by a minor following an underage drinking party at their home on Jan. 5. Police received a call about the party at about 9:30 p.m. and responded to the Wrenfield Lane home in question.

Upon arrival officers found several youths running in the area and saw several youths inside drinking alcoholic beverages. Officers spoke with the homeowners, Serge and Anna Doroshin, who said they had allowed their son to have some friends over for a small party, but more guests arrived than expected. The parents said they did not provide alcohol to any of the partygoers and were unaware that drinking was taking place.

While searching the home officers saw clear signs of a party involving about 60 youths, many of whom fled the party into freezing temperatures when police arrived. The Doroshin’s were issued a misdemeanor summons to appear in court on Jan. 17 and the Darien Youth Division and Darien High School Resource Officer are following up on the case.