A Norwalk resident has been charged with violation of a protection order and burglary after entering the home of a protected party without permission. Though the victim was not home at the time of entry, a neighbor told them that Sean Mobley, 45, had entered their home while they were away. The victim has a criminal protective order barring Mobley from entering the home and they subsequently contacted police.

According to police the neighbor had been caring for the victim’s pet while they away, and was in the residence when Mobley used a key to gain access. Though he said he was there out of concern for the victim and the victim’s daughter, he also told the neighbor several times that they didn’t have to tell the victim he had been in the home. Mobley left the home and the neighbor reported his entry to the victim when they returned.

On Dec. 3, officers confirmed the protective order and contacted the Norwalk Police who responded to Mobley’s home. When Darien and Norwalk officers were at the home, the Darien officers at the front door reported being able to see Mobley through a front window prior to ringing the doorbell.

When officers rang the doorbell, they observed Mobley get up and hurriedly run to the rear of the residence. An elderly female answered the door, identifying herself as Mobley’s mother. When asked, she stated she was unaware of his location. While Darien officers were speaking with the woman, Norwalk officers stationed at the rear of the residence took Mobley into custody as he exited the back door.

Mobley admitted to being in the victim’s home while she was away. He further admitted knowing he had no right to be in the home and that there was a protective order. Mobley was transported to Darien police headquarters where he was processed for violating a criminal protective order and burglary. He held on $50,000 bond and arraigned in court on Dec. 4.