A 51-year-old Darien man has been been charged with two felonies for providing an alcohol delivery service for local teens. For the past two months, Darien police have been investigating reports of a local man providing illicit substances to minors in and around Darien.

Police were provided with evidence that the individual was taking orders for alcohol via text message and phone call, procuring it at local establishments, and delivering it to teens from Darien at a substantial markup over the store cost.

Through surveillance and investigation police identified the man as Mark Yarish. Multiple complainants linked Yarish to transactions with local youth and a warrant was put out for his arrest. He was taken into custody at his home on July 21 and charged with felony counts of providing alcohol to minors and risk of injury to a minor. He posted $40,000 bond on July 23 and was ordered not to have contact with any minors until his July 31 court date. Police are still continuing their investigation into Yarish's activities.