Police arrested a 35-year-old resident for disorderly conduct and threatening following an altercation on Aug. 26. Officers responded to Catalpa Terrace at about 1:15 p.m. on a report of an intoxicated individual acting irrationally. Police found the person, Gerard Gibney III, 35, standing in the middle of the roadway.
Gibney told officers he was OK and had simply been arguing with the victims. He showed clear signs of intoxication and told police he had been drinking rum. While officers were talking with him he repeatedly referred to one of the complainants as “b----,” using the word loudly with the apparent intent of having the victim hear him.
The police were told the victim had asked Gibney not to bring a gallon of milk to the second floor of the home, at which point he threw the container at the victim. Gibney then pushed another victim and challenged that person to a fight. He then pushed the original victim and continued to call this person obscenities. The victims said Gibney threatened to kill the person during the altercation. The victims said Gibney had been aggressive in the past but never physical with the them. The victims said Gibney also made threats to kill their family members, who were not present.
Gibney was placed under arrest for threatening and disorderly conduct, then released on a promise to appear in court on Aug. 30. A condition of release requires Gibney to have no contact with the victims.