The Darien Police Department continues to receive complaints in regards to articles of outgoing mail being stolen from inside United State Post Office depositories.

From the stolen mail, any outgoing checks are removed and altered. The altered checks are then deposited into private, often fraudulent/stolen bank accounts, causing a loss to the victim. Often times, the victim is initially unaware of the fraudulent activity until notified by their bank or the original payee of the check after having not received it.

Other towns in Fairfield County are experiencing instances of mail theft in a similar manner. The Darien Police are working with local post offices in an effort to have depositories upgraded to theft deterrent models seen elsewhere.

The Darien Police have made several arrests in these cases, and continue to work with both the United States Postal Inspectors Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the remaining incidents.

"As our primary concern is the safety and wellbeing of our residents, we urge anyone mailing anything of value, to include checks, to take steps to safeguard their outgoing mail. In addition to valuables, personal and identifying information may be harvested from the stolen mail," Darien Police said in a release.