Darien police charged Donald Cavett, 54, for breach of peace after a dispute with a taxi driver at the Darien train station on May 10. The driver contacted police after  Cavett broke his rear passenger window following a brief exchange of words.

When officers responded to the scene at about 5:30 p.m. where they met with the driver and Cavett, who had bloody hands and appeared unsteady on his feet. According to police he was belligerent and was constantly yelling profanity.

According to police, Cavett had asked the taxi driver if he “was working.”  The driver told Cavett he could get in the back seat of the taxi but the accused instead yelled an expletive and walked away. Cavett then walked back towards the taxi in an aggressive manner, at which point the taxi driver rolled the windows up to avoid a confrontation. The accused then broke the rear passenger window by pulling on it. A witness at the scene confirmed the taxi driver’s story.

Post 53 responded to treat the lacerations to Cavett’s hands.  He then refused medical attention or a transport to the hospital. He allegedly told police had broken the taxi’s window because he was angry that the driver would not give him a ride.  

The accused was later released after arrest processing and posting $2,500 bond. He is due in court May 24.