DUI suspect from Norwalk arrested for interfering with Darien officer

Darien Police arrested a Norwalk man involved in a motor vehicle accident for allegedly driving under the influence and interfering with an officer on March 26. Officers responded to the scene of the accident at Leroy Avenue and Post Road just after 1 a.m.

Police spoke to three people who were in one of the cars involved in an attempt to identify the driver. Jose Zuniga, 34, told an officer that another occupant of the car had been driving but through questioning police determined that Zuniga was the driver, police said. According to officers at this scene, officers noted that Zuniga’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot, and he carried the odor of alcoholic.

While speaking to officers, Zuniga received a phone call from one of the other occupants of the vehicle. Zuniga began to yell angrily into the phone and walk towards the passenger who had called him, police said. Zuniga believed the passenger had informed officers that he had been the operator. Officers ordered Zuniga to stop several times, but he did not, police said. Zuniga was physically forced to the ground and placed under arrest for interfering with an officer.

Zuniga was transported to headquarters, where he was then administered the standardized field sobriety tests, which he failed to perform to an acceptable standard, police said. While being processed, Zuniga refused breath testing. He was given a court date of April 5 in Stamford and released on a $500 bond.