The following incident occurred during December 2017 but was mistakenly omitted from weekly police reports.

Police charged a 37-year-old Darien bicyclist with assaulting an elderly victim during an altercation after being struck by a car on Dec. 11. Officers were dispatched to Hollow Tree Ridge Road at about 5 p.m. following a report of a vehicle colliding with a bicyclist and an ensuing altercation.

Police at the scene identified an 82-year-old man lying in the roadway, who was the driver in the collision. He said he had tried to slam his brakes as he approached the bike but couldn’t avoid hitting the bicycle. When the man attempted to check on the fallen cyclist, she got up and pushed him to the ground, resulting in a broken hip.

A witness, who remained on scene, confirmed that the driver had not been exceeding the speed limit and that it did appear that the cyclist had been operating in the middle of the road.

The cyclist, identified as Adaobi Kurylov, 37, told police she believed the man had been trying to run her over. She declined medical attention at the scene and investigating officers could not find evidence that the collision had been intentional. Kurylov was placed under arrest for assault in the third degree on an elderly victim and was transported to police headquarters. She was released on a $250.00 cash bond and her initial court date was Dec. 17, 2017.