A Bronx, N.Y. resident was arrested for attempting to cash a fraudulent check at Darien’s TD Bank on July 3. Bank employees reported the attempt at about 5:30 p.m. and the suspect left the bank when their check and identification were confiscated. Police were able to locate the woman in question across the street based on the employee’s description and she was identified as Emily Ramirez, 24.

A bank employee said Ramirez had requested to cash a check for $1,679.25 with a New Jersey identification card. The card had Ramirez’s picture but not her real name and appeared suspicious to the employee. The name and address on the card matched the check but the employee took both items to their supervisor for confirmation. At this point Ramirez left the bank and the police were contacted.

When questioned about the transaction Ramirez admitted to attempting to make a fraudulent transaction. She went on to explain that she was approached by a friend about “making some money” by cashing a fake check. She was introduced to two males who she refused to identify, who gave her the paperwork and identification to use in the attempted fraud. Officers were able to verify that all of the identifying information on the false documents belonged to an actual person.