A resident of the Avalon Apartment complex was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after striking a retaining wall at the complex on June 3. Officers responded to the scene on a report of a single car accident at 5:10 p.m. A passenger of the vehicle was transported to Stamford Hospital for injuries sustained in the cast, the driver was identified as Andrew Lester, 47.

Lester declined medical attention, but officers detected the odor of alcohol on his person. Officers said Lester was slurring his speech and was struggling to maintain his balance. Lester told police he was cut off by another vehicle while turning left into Avalon from Hollow Tree Road.He was asked to submit to field sobriety tests but refused to comply. Based on the evidence at the scene police arrested Lester for driving under the influence of alcohol. Lester refused to take a breath test at the police department and was released at 4:12 a.m. the following morning after posting $100 bond. He is due in court on June 13.