A report of a stolen car on Hickory Lane led to police discovering multiple unlocked car burglaries on July 17. According to police the victim had left the car parked in their driveway at 8:45 p.m. with the keys inside. The next morning the car was missing along with a set of golf clubs stored inside, valued at $1,700.

About an hour after the car was reported stolen Bridgeport police reported that the car had been located and two juvenile suspects had been placed under arrest. Darien police travelled to Bridgeport to interview the suspects and continue their investigation of more reported burglaries on Hickory.

While checking the area, officers found a small case with the name of the victim’s next door neighbor. Police determined that the neighbor’s unlocked car had been burglarized, though nothing else was reported missing. A surveillance camera at the home showed a vehicle approaching the home at about 5:15 a.m. and dropping off a male suspect. The suspect, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, walks up the driveway and returns to the vehicle less than a minute later.

Continuing their canvass, police found a third car with its center console open and papers on the seats. The vehicle had been left unlocked at 8 p.m. the prior evening. A nearby resident on Deepwood Road also reported that two unlocked cars in her driveway had been entered, though nothing appeared to be stolen.

Across town, a Sedgwick Village resident reported that his car had been entered overnight as well. While the owner wasn’t sure if it had been left unlocked, there were no signs of forced entry. A garage door opener and five dollars in loose change were reported missing.