Yacht Rock: Darien Foundation announces 20th year gala

The Darien Foundation, a non-profit that provides grants for technology and capital initiatives throughout Darien, will hold its 20th year celebration and fund-raiser, an evening of Yacht Rock, on Saturday, April 28, at 6:30 p.m. at the Tokeneke Club.

The gala will feature cocktails and yacht drinks, a buffet dinner of gourmet food stations, and dancing to the sounds of Three Sheets to the Wind, a Yacht Rock tribute band.

“Yacht Rock features many of the ‘one-hit wonders’ and soft rock songs from the 70s and 80s that have revived in popularity,” said Kristin Edwards, the Darien Foundation Board’s fund-raising chair. “It’s all the songs my generation listened to riding in the car with their parents — the songs you know by rote even years later!”

The music will go perfectly with the seaside setting of the Tokeneke Club, whose facilities and staff will be completely dedicated to the gala that night.  

“Tokeneke is a Darien treasure and is the perfect venue to kick off summer and the start of beach season,” said board member Lindsay O’Donnell.  

The Darien Foundation was founded in 1998, with a goal to award grants for technology for emergency responders, public schools, and local non-profits. In 2007, the foundation expanded its mission to cover community capital projects as well. Since its inception 20 years ago, the Darien Foundation has awarded more than $4 million in grants to enhance the Darien community.

“You can drive all over town and see projects that we have funded or supported,” said Edwards. She pointed to the renovated YMCA of Darien, the edible gardens at the elementary schools, the special operations vehicle at Darien EMS-Post 53, the new sound system at the Darien Arts Center, and the Playground by the Sound at Weed Beach. “Many of the grants we have given have helped close the funding gaps for Darien’s non-profit organizations’ capital projects,” added Edwards. “And I am grateful to see my own family reap the benefits of the grants awarded by the Foundation.” 

Tickets are $200 a person ($100 is tax-deductible) and all proceeds support the Darien Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. More information and tickets are available at darienfoundation.org.

The full gala Committee includes: Kathy Arrix, Kesti Aysseh, Jessica Blouin, Rebecca Brown, Susanna Burns, Marla Chandler, Kerry Coppola, Kristin Edwards, Suzanne Flannery, Jennifer Foster, Courtney Galligan, Carol Glassmeyer, Michelle Gottfried, Nicole Harder, Jill Harvey, Anne Holmes, Abigail Hord, Cathy Jefferson, Lindsey Kaiser, Kerrie Kelley, Kristy Kennedy, Lisa Koorbusch, Kathryn Mann, Kelly McKeown, Hillary Miller, Janel Mitchley, Coren Moore, Jamie Murray, Courtney O’Connor, Lindsay O’Donnell, Ariana O’Malley, Byrne Pozzi, Jaymie Pavolonis, Kristina Puff, Sherry Ramsay, Heather Raymond, Julianna Spain, Lauren Stisser, Lauren Swenson and Jenny Tarleton