On May 17, Lt. Col. Sean Connolly, Commissioner of the State of Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs, will visit the Darien Community Association to award the Connecticut Wartime Service Medal to 14 members of the Darien Men’s Association.

Since its inception in July 2005 the Connecticut Department of Veterans’ Affairs has  awarded thousands of the Connecticut Wartime Service Medals to state veterans or their survivors.  In order to receive the Connecticut Wartime Service Medal, the veteran must meet all of these requirements:

  1.  Submit documentary proof of qualifying military wartime service (90 days wartime service, unless the war or operation lasted less than 90 days);
  2.  Submit proof of an honorable discharge from military service for the qualifying wartime service;
  3.  Submit proof that you are currently a resident of the State of Connecticut or that you were a resident at the time of your qualifying wartime service.

The medal is also awarded posthumously to eligible veterans who died after January 1, 2000.  Applications are available by calling 866-928-8387 or from the CTVA website:  www.ct.gov/ctva.

Medal recipients included:

John Barston,   95,   Darien

John Bartlett,   74,   Darien

William Bellis,   87,   Darien

Richard Constable,   90,   Darien

John Davidson,   72,   Darien

Thomas Dunn,   84,   Darien

Alexander Garnett,   71,   Darien

John Geoghegan,  92,  Darien

Stephen Gravereaux,  75,  Norwalk

Kent Haydock,  91,  Darien

John Hess,  70,  Darien

Frank Johnson,   85,   Stamford

Gerrit Lydecker,   87,   Stamford

Albert Metayer,   89,   Darien

Charles Scribner,  93,  Darien

Edward Spurgeon,   86,   Darien

Lawrence Story,  78,  Darien

Howard Thompson,  85,  Darien

Peter Wells,   78,   New Canaan

Thomas Williams,   86,   Darien

John Wolcott,   73,   Darien